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Coming Soon BIMAssist Pro!

BIMAssist™ Pro is a premium extension of BIMAssist™ for Revit and adds a powerful set of productivity tools to BIM Workflows. BIMAssist™ Pro currently supports 2019 versions of Revit and BIM 360 Docs.

BIMAssist™ Pro is available for $29 per month/per user*.  BIMAssist Pro™ includes BIMAssist™ for Revit.

Licensing is only available for issue in the United States

Introductory Offer for Existing Customers

For a limited time, existing Advanced Solutions clients who subscribe to BIMAssist for Revit, AEC Collection, Revit, or BIM 360 Docs may receive BIMAssist Pro at no additional charge.

(see details below)

BIMAssist Pro Duplicator

The BIMAssist Pro Duplicator allows users to copy sheets and match all titleblock and sheet properties.  In addition, BIMAssist Pro Duplicator automatically duplicates views, if an exact copy of sheet is desired, on a newly created sheet, or place similar sheets on the new sheet.

BIMAssist Pro Line-Up

The BIMAssist Pro Line-Up tool aligns views on sheets based on Revit’s hidden x,y coordinates. BIMAssist Pro Line-up is beneficial for maintaining legibility on sheet sets.


BIMAssist Pro Inspect

BIMAssist Pro Inspect allows users to search, select, and modify objects using an editing window.

This tool is included and required for BIMswitch.

BIMAssist Pro Spreadsheet Aggregator

The BIMAssist Pro Spreadsheet Aggregator is an Excel to Revit Instance bi-directional link allowing non-Revit users to maintain BIM model data.

BIMAssist Pro MailFiler

BIMAssist Pro MailFiler allows users to incorporate a searchable email repository into BIM360 Docs projects, thereby extending the reach of Docs into project management workflows in Outlook.

Requires BIM 360 Docs and Windows 10

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*BIMAssist for Revit and BIMAssist Pro are billed annually