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Focus on Desired Outcomes

Advanced Solutions Design Software Consulting Services are customized to meet the specific business and project needs of clients across multiple industries.

Business Process Assessment (BPA)

A confidential review to gain an understanding of a firm’s current business, design systems, processes and challenges allowing Advanced Solutions Design Software to define specific business outcomes, identify metrics, develop a roadmap for implementing process change and facilitate the adoption of change within an organization.

Business Process Assessment

Content Development

Our industry experts will assist you in developing your model content incorporating your required design information.

Giffin Case Study

Content Development

Health Checks

A Health Check is designed to serve as a “checkup” once your software implementation is complete. It helps ensure that the implementation process results in long-term success and improved productivity for you

Dynamix Engineering Case Study

Lifecycle BIM

For building owners seeking to improve facilities management, Lifecycle BIM is a comprehensive solution that incorporates industry-leading building design, GIS, data management and facility management software into best practice workflows to enhance communication, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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PLM Implementation

As an Autodesk PLM 360 Advisor, we are recognized as a trusted partner to design implement, integrate and support the Autodesk PLM 360 software platform.

Software Implementation

Our Software Implementation services are aimed at an efficient installation of your Autodesk software product, configured to your company’s needs and specifications.

Data Management

Organize, manage and track data creation, simulation and documentation processes for design and engineering work groups. Get control over design data, keep information secure and improve productivity with data management.



Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisor program provides ongoing access to skilled expertise at a low monthly cost. Firms benefit from industry best practice leaders across range of key competencies, without the expense of hiring a full-time resource.




Simulation Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Finite Element Analysis

Workflow Simulation

Finite Element Analysis Services

  • Static Stress with Linear Material Molds
  • Natural Frequency – Model
  • Transient STress
  • Response Spectrum
  • Random Vibration
  • Frequency Response
  • Critical Buckling Load
  • Nonlinear & Transient
  • Static Stress with Nonlinear Material Models
  • Natural Frequency with Nonlinear Material Models
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Drop/Impact Analysis
  • Design Optimization & Verification

Computational Fluid Dynamic Services

  • Thermal & Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Design Optimization and Verification
  • Free Surface
  • Humidity
  • Quality
  • Cavitation
  • Incompressible Flow
  • Subsonic
  • Compressible Flow
  • Aerodynamics
  • Transient

Workflow Simulation

Using the power of Simulation Advanced Solutions can demonstrate, predict and measure workflow strategies for optimal performance. Simulation can protect your business by analyzing the impact of new, “what-if” business ideas, rules and strategies before implementation on live customers.


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