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Technology Adoption Services

Advanced Solutions Design Software provides customized Technology Adoption Services as a key component of any sizable technology implementation. While traditional project management provides guidance through a solution deployment, from project initiation to roll-out, Technology Adoption Services go further.

Technology Adoption Services provide a more refined approach to implementation working to ensure that a solution is fully optimized, in order to achieve a competitive advantage over time. This is accomplished by focusing on achieving business outcomes by identifying key success metrics, monitoring those metrics, and taking corrective action as necessary. This process results in long-term continuous improvement within an organization.


A Technology Adoption Services program includes the delivery of prescriptive services, such as:

  • Direct “over-the-shoulder” mentoring, delivered in-person or remotely
  • Custom training related to specific product knowledge or client-specific processes and workflows
  • Workflow/process mapping and simulation
  • Software configuration and related collateral development (i.e. templates, libraries, etc.)
  • Software customization (add-ins, plug-ins, supporting application development)
  • Integration of new product releases/features



Advanced Solutions Design Software assists clients with achieving business outcomes that determine technology solutions, rather than simply performing implementation tasks. The successful adoption of technologies and best practices across an organization’s workflows and processes provide intrinsic business value.

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