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The complete drone software solution for AEC

Advanced Solutions Design Software partner 3DR, makes Site Scan™, the complete drone data platform that helps AEC professionals capture and use real data in their field to office workflows. Site Scan™ not only cuts surveying time and costs, but also provides greater data accuracy, which improves design efficiency, progress monitoring, and decision making.

How it Works:

Capture your site: Fly Site Scan™ autonomously with both DJI and 3DR drones and collect accurate aerial data of your job site.

Process in the cloud:

Turn your drone photos into 3D point clouds and other data products with Autodesk ReCap and Pix4D processing.

Ensure success:

Your dedicated success engineer will help you get the most out of your drone data and drive business results.

Designed for Enterprise

Site Scan’s Enterprise Atlas is the complete solution for large construction and engineering firms to deploy and scale drone operations, both in the field and in the office.

Role & project-based access accounts: Multiple access licenses ensure that the right people have the correct data, from owners to subcontractors.

Unlimited, secure storage: Site Scan Manager keeps images, data, and flight history across your company’s job sites and users in the secure 3DR cloud.

Dedicated support: Customized onboarding, implementation, and ongoing training, designed for organizations at scale.


Perform topographic surveys at least 6X faster and at a fraction of the cost, while capturing millions of detailed points

Topographic surveys of inaccessible terrain: Challenging and remote terrain can be tedious, challenging, and expensive to survey with GPS equipment, total stations, or aerial LiDAR. Site Scan makes surveying steep ravines, inaccessible river banks, or quick-sinking mud safe and easy.

Quickly capture large sites: Fast-moving earthworks projects require the daily attention of the civil engineer, constructor, and landscape architect. Commissioning a survey every day for the 8-acre lagoon pictured would have been logistically impossible, but the Site Scan generates the exact same deliverables in a fraction of the time. With daily point clouds, contours, and volume estimates, project teams can focus the efforts of their graders and scrapers.

Survey and measure safely: Slipping while climbing stockpiles is a leading cause of injury on-site. With drones, you don’t have to choose between safety and accurate volume data: capture your stockpiles and aggregates from above with automated drone flights, and keep your field professionals safe and productive on the ground.


Cost-effective volume measurements completed faster and safer

Cut and Fill Your Time with Site Scan: It can take days to perform a traditional cut and fill analysis, requiring time in the field to conduct a topographic survey, collect points, and process the data. With Site Scan, you can quickly fly your job site and process the data in hours, providing a fast, cost-effective way to survey your project.

Measurements You Deserve: Accurately measuring earthworks and estimating hauling costs is a vital part of winning bids and keeping projects running smoothly. Use Site Scan to frequently collect data and create surface models, making it easy to calculate the cost and labor time to prepare the site.


Design with up-to-date conditions, and capture as-builts in a fraction of the time

Create a Design Surface During Preliminary Planning: During the pre-planning or due diligence phase of a project, quality data on current conditions is often difficult to find. With Site Scan, civil engineers can collect imagery of a given area and create detailed 3D models and point clouds. The point clouds can be converted to design surfaces using AutoCAD Civil 3D. As the project advances, civil engineers can supplement the design surfaces with survey data.

Create Accurate and Ongoing As-Builts: In addition to as-built drawings, drone imagery, processed as 3D point cloud and 3D meshes, provides a detailed portrait of how a project was actually built versus its design. Engineers can collect drone data so quickly that often as-builts are received on an ongoing basis during construction or over time for maintenance and record keeping.

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