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Advanced Solutions, Inc.

With a passion for innovating, Advanced Solutions, Inc. and its subsidiaries have developed high-quality products enabling businesses to achieve more effective results.

BIMAssist for Revit

BIMAssist™ for Revit® adds a powerful set of productivity tools to Autodesk Revit. BIMAssist for Revit currently supports Revit 2011-2019. Licensing currently available for issuing in the United States only.  BIMAssist for Revit is available for purchase or is complimentary for Advanced Solutions subscribers.

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Station Offset Label for Civil 3D

Station Offset Label™ for Civil3D® adds the ability to automatically tag and label multiple objects at once. Licensing currently available for issuing in the United States only.

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Data Extract for Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

Data Extract™ for Fusion Lifecycle® provides a method for saving your data out of your Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle site for recovery. Licensing currently available for issuing in the United States only.

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Slot3D Professional

Slot3D® brings together the powerful algorithms of its economic based slotting techniques with the user-friendly graphics interface of AutoCAD®, the industry’s most widely used 3D graphics program for warehouse design.

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Advanced Solutions Life Sciences

A Global Leader in 3D Bioprinting & Tissue Fabrication, enabling the complete workflow solution for designing, printing, assembling, and innovating 3D cellular and tissue models.

TSIM (Tissue Structure Information Modeling)

Tissue Structure Information Modeling (TSIM) is an intuitive software tool that empowers doctors and scientists to design, visualize, collaborate, simulate and analyze 3D computer models of complex tissue structures.


BioAssemblyBot® gives you the freedom to 3D print and control the tissue fabrication workflow.

YPO Innovation Award


Visual Collaboration Systems

An authorized SMART® Technologies Reseller

Specializing in business solutions which enhance meetings, collaboration, and information sharing, Visual Collaboration Systems’ develops and markets software and content that functions with SMART Board® interactive displays.


Developed in collaboration with SMART® Technologies, the idsDesignTOUCH™ plug-ins give Autodesk® software users the ability to control and edit their Autodesk files directly from a SMART Board® interactive whiteboard.