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Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the method of managing integrated multi-discipline models to simulate the construction process.  Virtually constructing the building allows businesses to understand potential risks before construction.

Companies using VDC typically realize improvements in project schedules, optimization of materials and costs, increased safety, and reduction of costly RFIs.  Leveraging model-based design aka Building Information Modeling, professionals can extract data to analyze quantities, schedules, costs, as well as the environmental and economic impact of the project.

The Autodesk AEC Collection lets you visually explore project constructability, ultimately helping you manage your costs more efficiently and better predict project outcomes.

Construction Management

Deliver Projects Faster – BIM 360 gives project teams the tools to coordinate better, communicate more effectively, and resolve issues quickly, resulting in faster and more efficient project delivery.

Minimize Risk -Not having a standardized way of managing project quality can lead to delays, increased costs, rework, and customer dissatisfaction. BIM 360 allows issues to be resolved and communicated in near real-time. Whether it’s managing quality or safety, or documenting as-built conditions, BIM 360 makes sure your projects are delivered with your best practices built in.

Extend BIM to the entire Project Team -BIM used to be limited to just a few members of a project team who were involved with creating the design. With BIM 360, the whole team can access BIM data and contribute to the project in real-time, helping the team stay in the loop through all stages of the project.

Access Project Data anytime, anywhere -Say goodbye to outdated plans, drawings and data. By storing all project data securely in the cloud, anyone on the project team can access it wherever they are using a computer or mobile device.

Cloud APIs – Integrate with external third-party applications. Leveraging the unified Autodesk Forge development plaform, BIM 360 APIs offer a secure, private mechanism to connect BIM 360 accounts, projects and project data with external and third-party applications.

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Connecting Design & Construction Smart Market Brief

Bluepoint Process Assessment

Comprehensive review and development of a road map for implementing process change and facilitate the adoption of change within an organization.

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Collaboration Systems

The latest audio, video, touch and screen sharing technology to improve meetings, enhance productivity, and reduce costs.

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Content Development

Our industry experts will assist you in developing your model content incorporating your required design information.

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Health Checks

Ensuring the implementation process results in long term success and improved productivity.

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Software Implementation

Efficient installation of your Autodesk software product, configured to your company’s needs and specifications.

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Trusted Advisor

Ongoing access to skilled expertise at a low monthly cost.

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Workflow Simulation

Using comprehensive workflow simulations Advanced Solutions can demonstrate, predict and measure workflow strategies and ultimately optimize performance.

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Construction Consulting Services

Advanced Solutions Design Software provides industry-specific trainingconsulting, and software development services to help its clients optimally adopt technology into their organizations.

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Advanced Solutions Design Software offers more than 100 live instructor-led courses. Courses may be purchased individually or you can choose to join CAD Club Academy with unlimited access to all online courses as well as access to the entire eLearn & Improve on-demand learning system.

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