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Coordinate core aspects of development to deliver exciting results to customers.

The Autodesk® Fusion Lifecycle cloud-based platform is a next-generation alternative to traditional product lifecycle management that makes the benefits of PLM accessible anytime, anywhere, to companies of all sizes.

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Independent studies by Aberdeen, Accenture, CIMdata, IBM, Oracle and others show that PLM software has a profound effect on increasing productivity and reducing costs. The largest corporations often spend millions for their PLM software and therefore can afford detailed studies that confirm a compelling ROI.

Our analysis focuses on cycle-time reduction across target processes enabling essential resources to spend more of their time “doing”, and less time on non-value-added activities. In other words, more time on value-added activities such as creating, making the right decisions, designing, etc.

Advanced Solutions uses conservative, industry averages based on recent survey data. Upon request, we have a simple survey that can be distributed to critical resources throughout your organization and leverage those results for our analysis.