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Configure One

Software that empowers you to configure, price and quote the most complex products in minutes.

Configure One is an Enterprise Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) application designed to enable companies to sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services with efficiency. Configure One’s customers are able to increase revenues while reducing costs by automating much of the sales, order entry, and engineering processes.

With Configure One a user can simply enter their desired options and the software will guide the user through the permissible product options. The user can do this through pull-down menus, text buttons, radio boxes or checkboxes. A key tenant of the application is that users cannot choose incompatible options. So no matter how experienced your salesperson, dealer or even customer is, they can configure any products that your company offers.

One of the most critical aspects of a CPQ product is setting up all of the rules which define the permitted configurations. Configure One’s approach requires no programming through its web-based administrative screens, a significant differentiator in the CPQ industry.


Configure One features a comprehensive set of capabilities to determine the pricing of a product as it’s being defined. Pricing can be adapted to a specific customer or distributor and you can apply automatic discounts depending on factors such as quantity or product combination. Discounting workflows are included so stakeholders can accept or reject discount requests

Quote Document

Quotations can be automatically created based upon the configuration selected and the outcome of the pricing. These are based on predefined templates and can include configuration-specific drawings and images. They can also include multiple configurations to allow comparisons.

Manage the lifecycle of quotation documents is within the product, so you can view numerous versions and manage changes. You can also integrate the product with ERP systems to convert a quotation to a sales order

BoM Generator

The BoM generator then automatically creates Bills of Materials from the configurations quoted, so organizations save time and reduce the risk of downstream errors. Multi-level BoMs are handled, and existing item masters used and pulled into the BoM. Add Phantom items and kits. Item quantities can be managed using rules based on the configuration selected, or on predefined equations, or product attributes.The BoMs generated can also be manually edited if needed.


Manufacturing routings can be automatically generated to give the shop floor instructions on how to make the product in that particular configuration.  Companies can reduce lead times and alleviate the risk of the manufacturing the product incorrectly. The routings can include variables such as run times and setup times, linking back to the configured BoM to make sure, for example, production is using the correct part numbers.


Sales and production drawings are automatically generated in Configure One based on the exact selected configuration.  Visualization can include data such as assembly details and the weld information, as well as bend lines and flat patterns for sheet metal parts. They can be output in a number of common file formats such as DXF, DWG, DWF, and PDF.

Configure One has CAD integrations with Inventor, Creo, and SOLIDWORKS where the output from Configure One can drive predefined parameterized models and the CAD assembly structure.


Extend Configure One to provide a complete storefront solution for e-commerce. Integration with the configurator function allows customers to search online for standard products or configure their own. It also includes shopping cart and credit card processing capabilities. It is driven by e-catalog functionality which can handle more than 5 million individual items

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Is This Right For Me?

1.  Frustrated with the inability to configure and quote complex products?
2.  Do you Want to increase your win rate?
3.  Tired of losing money from configuration errors>
4.  Do you Want to decrease the cost of sales?
5.  Are you losing revenue because of extended quote lead times?
6.  Do you want to increase your quote volume?

Configure One helps manufacturers configure, price, quote and order their complex, configurable products. We work with configure-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers who are looking to automate their sales and configuration processes.

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